This is how we're organized: Service divisions and legal structure

Rudolph Logistics Dubai is part of the Rudolph Logistics Group.  We provide customized logistic solutions to our customers, working with the expertise and experience that comes with managing more than 30 large-scale logistic implementation projects in just the last ten years.

We work in the following four business sectors to concentrate key services for our customers.




Trade Logistics

Flexible and dynamic

The Rudolph Logistics Group is structured to allow the individual business divisions to operate with the greatest possible flexibility and proximity to customers. With this structure, the different business areas are each supported by a Central Services division that acts across all business fields. These central functions include, for example, logistical planning and tender management, controlling and human resources management.
On this basis, we work with an organizational structure that is at once lean and powerful.

The legal structure of the company reflects the organic development of the business group.

The Rudolph Logistik Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG is the connecting element for the various operative companies.  All central services of the group are located there. Seven different company entities are associated in the Group and provide various logistic services. In addition there are seven foreign-based companies, two joint ventures with equal partners as well as a majority holding.

Here you can access a list of our operating companies with addresses.