Automotive Logistics

Automotive logistics – Sophisticated logistics solutions with added value

Today in the automobile and automotive supply industry, companies are facing the challenge of meeting the diverse and evolving requirements of customers faster and more flexibly than ever before. These are requirements that also have an impact on logistical processes running in the background. While new car buyers are happy, for example, to be able to customize their vehicles down to the last detail, this means that the quantity and variety of different parts required in the production has increased considerably and must be handled successfully in logistics processes.

Our understanding of the industry is second to none

The Rudolph Logistics Group has been serving the automotive industry over decades and has been on hand throughout all the recent changes. We have had an active and defining role in finding logistics solutions for these new requirements. And this has made a specialist in the field of automotive contract logistics. That's why many of the largest automobile manufacturers and numerous suppliers at different levels of the automotive supply chain put their trust in us.

Customized for your needs

We use our expertise and deep knowledge of the industry when we work together with you to plan and realize customized solutions that fit your needs exactly. Starting with warehousing tasks and extending to JIT and JIS supply services at the point of assembly as well as the provision of complete logistics services in the factory, we are there to serve you. You can choose between individual service components, combining these components for intelligent comprehensive service packages, or putting the management of your entire supply chain in our hands.

Do you have questions?

Then let's talk. We'll be happy to be at your service.

Your benefits

As experts for all logistics activities in the automotive sector:

  • We bring OEMs and their suppliers seamlessly together. With lean coordination processes this creates synergies for all involved partners.
  • We shorten storage times and reduce the capital tied up in inventory.
  • We are experienced experts with various customer IT systems such as SAP and program the necessary interfaces with our own IT staff.
  • We deliver full transparency with customized key performance indicators and reports regarding supply chain performance.