Industrial Logistics


Logistics for industrial goods

In-house production capability is just one of the important assets that of companies involved in machine and plant construction must bring to their business. Logistical expertise is also a key factor. Production activities typically take place on the basis of specific orders with a high degree of individualization for each customer order. This results, in turn, in a high degree of in-house vertical integration, which can reach 100 percent, and in highly complex production processes often with low amounts of production volume.

In this context, it is essential to have a logistics service provider that has full knowledge of the systematic requirements and expert command of the logistics processes connected with mechanical production and assembly.

The management complexity of logistic processes necessary for customized production is much higher than what is required for serial production. For example, changes in material flows can very quickly have extreme effects on the further course of production. As logistics service providers we react dynamically to such events and provide buffers for such disruptions in the production and assembly processes through flexible material provisioning.


Services you can count on for industrial logistics:

  • We realize logistics centers for production supply, for the shipping of finished goods and for spare parts logistics as dedicated one-company solutions or as multi-user solutions.
  • We manage internal and external warehouse inventories and can take on extensive inspection tasks for incoming goods.
  • We send semi-finished goods for contract processing or to outsourcing partners and bring the parts back into the production process as required.
  • We manage semi-finished goods and can be responsible for storage and re-supply. 
  • We provide raw materials, production components and purchased parts as required at the point of use, either on a regularly scheduled basis or as requested.
  • We do sequenced order picking on the basis of orders or modules and bring the parts to the preliminary or final assembly.
  • We ensure reliable part availability throughout the production with shuttle transports between warehouse and production locations or with intra-company transports as needed.
  • We package goods for truck, air and sea shipment as required.
  • We dispatch shipments and handle any necessary customs steps.
  • Empties management



  • Speedy availability of parts and goods through automated procedures and processes making use of online mobile data connections from incoming goods to final shipment
  • Efficiency and reliability through customized warehousing processes and order picking strategies
  • Highest degree of transparency throughout the entire process chain through tested and flexible warehouse management and forklift management systems, as well as systems for material flow management in internal logistics
  • Flexible access to and free selection of the most suitable distribution network


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