Social engagement

We care about kids. That's why we're engaged in various social projects.

As a family-run company we think we have special insight about taking responsibility for the next generation. That's why we've decided to make a commitment to improving the lives  of children. We support children and young people because our Rudolph slogan "Reaching more" fits particularly well for them.

A motto like this should apply especially for those who are just starting out in life. But often this is not the case – obstacles can stand in the way right at the beginning of life. Obstacles in the form of illness or physical handicaps. Or also as social disadvantages or family problems that can result in fewer educational opportunities or limited possibilities to participate, creating obstacles that are hard to overcome.

Engagement for educational opportunities

Our main project is the support of the charitable organization Watoto e.V. Based in Baunatal, Germany, this organization initiated the development of the Mekaela Academies in Ukunda, Kenya in 1993.  Since then, the school association has grown to include five different schools.

In Kiswahili, the national language of Kenya, "watoto" means children.

Our specific engagement there takes the form of the Rudolph Logistics Medical Care Program. With this program we guarantee the basic medical care for approximately 700 school children at the Mekaela Academies. This ensures treatment, for example, for illnesses like malaria or for broken bones or infectious diseases.

We were particularly impressed with Watoto and the Meaela Academies because it is not organized like a classic development aid project. Personal initiative and an eagerness to learn are expected of the children who are receiving support. Our contribution to medical care for these pupils is one further building block on their way to leading productive, self-sufficient lives.

Children are also the focus of our other social projects:

  • Star Care Hessen e.V.: Support of this charitable organization that promotes projects for children.
  • Plan International: Long-term sponsorships of girls; presently Sania, 8 years old from Vehari, Pakistan

Working locally, engaging locally

In addition to our large project in Africa, we want to be engaged locally as well. All of our 40 locations have a connection to their respective regions where some of them have been doing business for decades. This connection comes particularly through the employees who work and live there.

In 2017 we started the project "Working locally, engaging locally". Our locations should make a commitment to the social life of the cities and communities where they do business. Here the focus is also on supporting charitable organizations or initiatives that work with children and young people.