Climate protection

Climate protection starts at home

The Rudolph Logistics Group cannot completely prevent greenhouse gas emissions in its operations. Our measures to reduce such emissions as much as possible are just one component of our sustainability strategy. Another component is to work actively to compensate for those CO2 emissions that do occur. To this end, we are investing in a sustainable reforestation and forest protection project.

For us, this is not a matter of political correctness or public relations. Our long-term commitment combines ecological and social benefits with economic goals.  


What are we doing for climate protection?


1. The World Forest Foundation of the German "Senat der Wirtschaft"

The Rudolph Logistics Group supports the World Forest Foundation, an initiative of the "Senat der Wirtschaft", a German organization that brings together individuals from the fields of economics, science and society to work for the public good.  Dr. Torsten Rudolph, owner of the Rudolph Logistics Group, has been a member of the Senat der Wirtschaft since 2011.
The foundation seeks to provide simple and concrete ways for companies and private individuals to get involved in climate protection and to participate in projects with the aim of binding CO2 through reforestation activities. The Foundation is not a market participant but rather a neutral platform that can provide information and make connections.

2. Reforestation project "Tropical Mix"

The Rudolph Logistics Group is realizing its reforestation project with Forest Finance, one of the reforestation partners of the World Forest Foundation.

A four-hectare piece of land is being reforested in Panama in this project with a mixed forest of primarily indigenous trees.  

The benefits of this project that convinced us to support it:

  • It effectively binds CO2 – that is climate protection
  • Wood can be harvested sustainably and ecologically
  • Species diversity is protected
  • Habitats for indigenous flora and fauna are created
  • The forest ecosystem is restored
  • Long-term jobs are created on a fair basis for the local population

CO2OL "Tropical Mix" fullfills the Gold Standard©.  That is the highest quality standard in CO2 compensation projects. In addition to reducing CO2, the project also contributes to sustainable ecological and social development. The Gold Standard has been developed under the direction of the World Wide Fund for Nature with input from the German Environmental Ministry.