Peter Weide

Dipl. Ing. Peter Weide, born 1961, is Chief Operations Officer and directs the operational business of the Group in this capacity.

In addition to his duties as COO, he is also Managing Director of Rudolph Automotive Logistik GmbH, the largest single entity in the parent company.

He studied mechanical engineering from 1981 to 1987 at the University of Kassel and began his professional career at AEG Hausgeräte GmbH (subsequently Electrolux as of 1994). Here he held the positions of head of plant planning and acquisitions and manufacturing technology as well as director of logistics - supply center.

Peter Weide came to the Rudolph Logistics Group in 2003 as Director of Contract Logistics and Consulting. He was named Managing Director of Rudolph Automotive Logistik GmbH in 2006 and assumed the new position of head of the Automotive Division with a restructuring of the company in 2007. He has served as COO of the Rudolph Logistics Group since 2011.

Peter Weide also serves as vice-chairman for the non-profit organization " e.V", a network for the mobility sector in North Hessen.