Robert Just

Robert Just is the managing director of the individual companies that operate together under one roof of the Rudolph logistics group.

Robert Just is responsible for the operational management of the business segments, in personal union with Edzard Oltmanns. As Chief of Operations he manages the day-to-day business. Robert Just started his career at Rudolph in July 2015 initially as Deputy Business Sector Manager Automotive and then managed the business sector Automotive, the largest of the four business sectors, until the end of 2020.

Born in 1973 in Weimar, Robert Just studied economics and organizational science from 1993 to 1997 at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Neubiberg. Following his officer career, he worked in various companies in the logistics sector, including Brink’s and Prosegur, in a leading position before he took on operational responsibility at Rudolph and was appointed to Managing Director in 2020.