5S - Five steps to achieve the ideal workplace

The 5S method is one of the most important basic methods of our Lean Management system, the Rudolph Logistics System (RLS). Our objective: To identify good approaches, describe these in standards and on this basis to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and experience between the locations of our company group.

The implementation of the Rudolph Logistics System started with 5S workshops at selected pilot locations. After a practical test at these locations it was rolled out to additional sites. The success of 5S measures can be seen immediately. These successes are documented in "before and after" files.  

To keep the method present in the context of everyday work, regular tours are scheduled. This makes it possible to anchor a workplace principle like "Everything needs its own place and everyone needs to know where this is" in everyday practice. Because we are not interested in one-off cosmetic campaigns that fall flat after a short time.  

For our customers, the structuring of our workplaces according to 5S methods means:

  • Sources of waste are identified and can be eliminated.
  • Productivity increases and process disruptions decline.
  • Ergonomics, safety and employee motivation increase.
  • Onboarding and set-up times decrease.
  • An improved use of space becomes possible.

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