Idea Management

Full of ideas: Idea Management

The Idea Management system is the central platform for all improvements that are proposed by employees of the Rudolph Logistics Group. It is thus an important element of the Continual Improvement Process.

The Rudolph Logistics Knowledge Treasure Chest

This is the name of our Idea Management system. It was also selected from name proposals suggested by our employees – how could it be otherwise?

And it is a highly appropriate name because these ideas are truly a treasure, a knowledge treasure. Making use of this knowledge in the service of continually improving processes works through the enthusiasm and participation of all employees.


Success factors

It is essential that each and every employee has the same opportunity to propose improvements. For his or her own area or for another. This potential sharpens one's view for the larger situation. The procedure is clearly and explicitly formulated. A key success factor for our Rudolph Logistics Knowledge Treasure Chest is the speed of the whole process. It takes a maximum of 50 working days from the submission of an idea to its evaluation. In this way, our employees get quick feedback regarding their suggestions.

Our customers benefit from more efficient processes because:

    • High-performance, employee-oriented working areas are developed, e.g. through a minimization of accident risks and the promotion of environmental safety.
    • All employees sense that they are appreciated. An appreciation that leads to reliable and high-qulity performance on their part.

    Improvement is essential for logistics processes

    Our employees are deeply involved with customer processes every day. They have the perspective to see where something can be done in a way that is better or quicker or simpler. We don't have to reinvent the wheel. Often it is precisely smaller improvements that make for a “Eureka!” moment. And in their totality, all of the suggestions that come together in the Rudolph Logistics Knowledge Treasure Chest are the ongoing driving force for our Continual Improvement Process. 

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