Continual Improvement Process

Always thinking new: Continual Improvement Process

The Rudolph Logistics System stands on the foundation of the Continual Improvement Process. This way of thinking which says that everything can always be improved has become part of our flesh and blood.  For you that means we don't only do logistics, we are logistics. Because logistics means moving forward and not standing in one place. And that is exactly the aim of our Continual Improvement Process.

The genius with a fabulous one-time innovation is, of course, a welcome phenomenon. But this is not really the nature of the Continual Improvement Process. We are interested in improvements that take place in small, ongoing steps.

This is possible because we encourage our employees to do their daily work with an open mind and an eye for what could be done better. We promote this attitude by creating a working environment in which ideas for improvements are explicitly wished for. Making mistakes is also definitely allowed, because only in this way is it possible to develop further.

How does the Continual Improvement Process help you?

  • Processes are improved
  • Resources are conserved
  • Quality of logistics services increases
  • Productivity goes up
  • Costs go down

Contributing to your success

Improvements are not an end in themselves. Rather, we always are posing the question – how can we contribute to your business success. Established instruments help us to pursue this approach.  Very important in this regard is our Idea Management program “Rudolph Logistics Knowledge Treasure Chest“, our  Shop Floor Management system, as well as methods such as  5S, Poka Yoke, PDCA cycles, etc.

Using these methods appropriately is the responsibility of our 20 specially trained CIP instructors. The CIP instructors conduct CIP workshops and Lean Management events across all business fields throughout the company. All results are documented so that best-practice solutions and lessons learned can be effectively incorporated in business practices throughout the company.

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